Saturday, 16 January 2016

Schleich dragons

I spied a bunch of these in my local smyths toys today and decided to purchase one. They cost between 15 and 20 euro so 10-14GBP.

The paint scheme on them is surprisingly good and would need very little work to make the table with the 'battering dragon' (the one I got) just needing a wash over two small areas that have no shading and maybe a drybrush on the horns. As you can see they are decent enough size for the likes of frostgrave or dragon rampant style games. The largest dragon (the warrior) was about 5" in height. The battering dragon may not represent a fully grown dragon able to decimate armies but its a nice scale for smaller sized games.

Safari dragons  are also quite nice, cheap and along a similar vein. I especially love the desert dragon

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  1. You're right that Desert Dragon is fantastic! Have a few doubts about the Good Luck dragon though. Really love the model and it is one of the most beautiful dragon models I've ever seen, but how does it live in the clouds if it has no wings?