Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dragon Rampant Dwarfs vs Orcs

Me and JustJohn managed to get another game of Dragon Rampant in this weekend. We had slightly different army lists this time. I had a greater warbeast (Ancient Bron...See previous post) and he had a giant (Bellicose Foot). It was another fun game of Dragon Rampant with us both still learning the rules a bit (and forgetting to do stuff!).

Our lists were:

Elite Foot - Hammerers with leader
Heavy Foot - Dwarf Warriors
Heavy Foot - Dwarf Warriors
Greater Warbeast - Ancient Bron
Scouts - Dwarf Rangers
Scouts - Dwarf Rangers

Heavy Foot with Offensive - Orc Leader and 2 Bodyguards
Bellicose Foot - Giant
Bellicose Foot with Shiny Armour - Orcs with 2h weapons
Light Foot with Mixed weapons - Orcs with spears and bows
Light Foot - Orcs with spear and shield.

We rolled for scenarios and got The Ringbearer. We completely forgot to name quests, which has quite an effect later on!

The Orcs had recently come across two small fellows sneaking through their lands on foot. These annoying hairy footed chaps had been quickly stuffed in a pot and boiled up with something nice. On their person the Orc leader found a lovely shiny ring, which he quickly stuffed in its pocket.

Having heard of the news of their death King Thorgrimm wakes Ancient Bron and sets off to avenge their rather short unbearded friends (and get his hands on a magic shiny gold ring in the process! ). The Dwarfs are attacking and Orcs defending.

The location of the ring written down for safekeeping. What has it got in its pocketses?


First activation role of the dwarfs. Luckily their leader ability of Commanding (Reroll one move/shoot/attack activation within 12" of leader) got them moving.

The Orcs!

The Dwarfs!

Ancient Bron ready for action.

Or not as he fails the dwarfs 2nd activation of the first turn..

Smelly orcses....

The Bellicose Giant nears the bridge, afraid to get his toes wet in the river.

I can see the pub from here!

The orcs stall a bit on the far side of the river (on purpose by John), while the dwarfs close.

The dwarf skirmishers fluff their roll...and their subsequent reroll from the leader!

The Scouts lure the Bellicose Giant across the bridge and evade back but are caught by missile fire from the Light Foot with mixed weapons.

The giant is lured into position for a charge from Ancient Bron, But he fluffs his activation roll for Wild Charge!

The scouts flee behind the heavy infantry, who set up a shield line now that Bron has failed to engage.

On the left the dwarfs are closing on the river.

Just as the orcs start to make their way across.

The Blaggard himself!

The Scouts on the left kill an orc and skirmish backwards out of charge range.

The Bellicose Giant activates.

and charges the Heavy Foot as they were the only viable target due to the 3" rule.

But is pushed back and battered.

Ancient Bron makes it into combat.

Inflicting huge wounds on the Giant who managed not to flee!

The Heavy Foot follow this up with a charge, inflicting further wounds and pushing him back again. With only 2 wounds remaining the Giant somehow manages to stay on the table due to the leader being within 12". Hes pushed back further and loses another strength point!

The Scouts kill another orc with missile fire.

And then King Thorgrimm and his bodyguard charge the Bellicose Orcs as they cross the river, catching them off-guard so they can't counter-attack!

And pushing them back into the river.

The Giant fails his courage test spectacularly and wanders off the field of battle to lick his wounds.

The orc Bellicose Foot fall back further.

King Thorgrimm surveys his next target.

Ancient Bron wades through the river on the right, charging into the orc Light Foot in Wall of Spear formation.

He pushes them back but is reduced below half strength.

The dwarf king charges into the river, punishing the orcs Light Foot with mixed weapons who forgot that Elite Foot have the Ranger ability.

They can't retreat and take another casualty.

The dwarf Heavy Foot cross the bridge.

The Scouts keep the pressure on the Bellicose Foot but cause no casualties.

The orc Bellicose Foot fail their courage test.

and scarper...

The remaining orcs fail their crucial first activation and Ancient Bron charges again, only to be beaten back by the orc Light Foot.

On the left the dwarf king and bodyguard rout the Light Foot.

and on the right the Heavy Foot charge in to help Bron.

Pushing back the Light Foot.

and routing them.

BBBOOOMMMMM!!!!! A huge explosion tears across the battlefield, killing all surviving combatants as the ring goes nuclear to protect itself. The leader unit was the ringbearer and was the last surviving Orc unit on the table.

It was at this point that we read the scoring rules for this scenario more closely and realized we forgot to do quests, which are the only scoring element if the ring blows up. Darn it! It'll have to be counted as a draw but I'm insisting on a moral dwarf victory due to sheer casualties inflicted.

The unit of the game has to be the dwarf Elite Foot that waded into the river and saw off both the Bellicose Foot and Light Foot, pretty much holding the left flank on their own, although the sheer persistence of the Giant not to run makes him a close second.


  1. Thats a pretty comprehensive visual account, how long did that take to play Mr Furstenburg?
    Was it fun? I have yet to read the DR rules, but I am curious.

    1. Took a little over 2 hours of game time I reckon.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It's a fairly easy system that requires little book consulting once playing. The only stoppage is me taking copious photographs! Games are fairly quick with even 100 models being 2hrs or less. Once combat starts models and units get removed quickly!

  2. BTW I'm claiming it as a moral victory for the orcs having denied you the win :-)

    1. Of say it's a moral victory for the ring. It killed the most dwarfs after all!

  3. Some lovely looking mini on display and an excellent AAR:)