Friday, 15 January 2016

Dwarf dreadnought *cough* I mean interred elder!

Basically a space marine dreadnought rip off, but I liked the idea more than a simple golem! It'll do as either a Greater Warbeast or single model unit of Elite Foot

When beloved King Bron lay on his death bed his son, Brendon, gathered together the best runesmiths and engineers his hold could muster and begged them for a solution to save the kings life. Working swiftly they crafted a body from their most precious metals that comprised a mix of runic magic and engineering. Inside the inert metal shell they interred the dying body of the king, using the runes to bind the kings soul to the machine.

It was a task done in haste and nobody considered the effect this would have on the king himself. At first the king marveled at his new mechanical body. Able to run the speed of a horse and carve an ogre in two was exhilarating. But in the long times of peace between battles the king grew frustrated. With little to do and deprived of three of the five senses (smell, touch and taste) mortals take for granted the king was driven to depression, making him more and more a machine of war than much loved leader. More than once Bron was driven to fits of rage, and although no dwarf was slain the damage was sometimes extensive. Rather than turn his own armies upon his father King Brendon made the decision to deactivate him, at least temporarily. The runesmiths once more gathered together and while they could not destroy the runes they had crafted hastily, they could at least make them dormant.

Hundreds of years later King Thorgrimm of Greyhold wakes Ancient Bron, as he is now known, only in times of need. Either for advice from a lost era or to accompany the hold in to battle. His mind can cope with short periods of wakefulness but then he must be put back to sleep, lest he be driven to insanity in his cold metal shell.