Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Sacred Mole of Ukkert

Following on from thoughts myself and Just John had about using Dragon Rampant for skirmish we decided to organize a game. Rather than full skirmish we decided on the heroic approach. A small band of dwarf heroes (with each model representing 6 strength points) vs an entire Orc raiding warband. Heroic stuff in the Fantasy Age!

King Thorgrimm Ranulfsson has lead a mission to investigate a hold not hear from in recent months. upon arrival they find their dwarfen kin slaughtered and the hold ransacked and occupied by greenskins. Thorgrimm leads his small band of dwarfs in to the hold to recover heirlooms they know will still be sealed in the secret vault. They fight their way in and out, killing anything in their way, and bring out the lost treasure to take home. As they gain the surface they see a large orc warband arrayed before them. Obviously some sneaky goblin went for help! Shouldering their weapons they prepare to fight their way out!

This was a 30pt game with only 24pts allowed to be spent on units. The remaining 6pts had to be upgrades.

 The Dwarven heroes venture in to the mine.