Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dragon Rampant Game 2 Dwarfs vs Elves

This was another introductory game of Dragon Rampant. This time introducing Panzermonkey and his Elves to the rules. Yet again we decided to ignore the movement penalty for terrain and to treat the stream as open as it kind of dominated the centre of the table!

The dwarfs were the same as the last game
Elite foot with leader - lord with Hammerers
HeavyFoot - Dwarf warriors
Heavy Foot - Dwarf warriors
Bellicose Foot - Troll Slayers
Heavy Missiles - Dwarf Crossbows
Scouts - Dwarf Rangers

The Elves were different to reflect their nature and Panzermonkeys models!
Elite Riders with leader - Lord with Silver Helms
Elite Foot - Elven White Lions
Light Foot - Elf spearmen
Light Foot - Elf spearmen
Light Missiles - Elf archers
Scouts - Elven Shadow Warriors

Both Warbands came to 24 points.

The scenario was the standard kill all your opponents models just for simplicity.

The Elf Cavalry are so fast they are a blur!

The Dwarf Lord and his bodyguard look on unimpressed

The two battle lines draw up againt one another

The Dwarfs (attacking) decide to stand and grumble a bit as they fail their first activation of the game

The Elves surge forwards while the dwarfs stumble along

The Dwarf Rangers make the bridge first and fire upon the Shadow Warriors killing 1

The Dwarf battle line makes it to the river

The Elf archers move forwards to fire on the Dwarf warriors

The Scouts hold the vital bridge crossing point (well not really with our terrain rules!)

The Lord and Silver Helms wild charge into the dwarf warriors 

Its a bloody combat typical of Dragon Rampant (you remove models quickly once combat joined 1)

The Dwarfs are pushed back across the river

And then fired upon by the Elf archers forcing them to retreat further (and also meaning they no longer block a charge on the crossbows)

The Silver Helms charge the crossbows battering them

The Stoic warriors charge the cavalry but get counter charged in return

The casualties are enough to rout them off the table

Elf spearmen move on to the bridge to engage the scouts but move too close and are charge by the Dwarf Lord and Hammerers

Who see them off and batter them. They then rout in their following activation

The Troll slayers charge the Elf spearmen and batter them. In return they are charged by the White Lions and routed

The Dwarf Lord then manages to charge the Shadow Warriors, wiping them out.

A bad dice roll sees the Elf cavalry fail to charge the crossbows before they retreat into the ruins. The crossbows get a round of shooting at them and then the depleted Silver Helms charge the crossbows in rough terrain.

And are wiped out.

The Elf archers fail to activate and are caught by the Dwarf Lord. They rout from the field.

We called the game there as the Dwarfs had three units remaining (Lord and Hammerers, Dwarf Warriors and crossbows) while the elves only had a half strength unit of White Lions. I may have to stop going overboard with scenery. It really hampered the cavalry in this game, or would have done if the river had been rough terrain too!


  1. Nice report! The pace of the game is pretty brisk it seems. Small units and no move trays, how does movement feel compared to Warhammer?

    1. Much freer Dave. There's no real need to worry about exact moves. We just move one central model it's move rate and form up the others with it. As you only need one model to be in range for all to shoot/ attack its a more fluid move system rather than the massive thought that can sometimes go in to warhammer. Same with retreats. You just move all losing side back by 3" so you can form up the models all mixed to represent a melee. Once combat starts you are removing models quicker than you're used to!

      The lack of set turns and phases really pushes the pace up. We easily played 10+ turns without even realising. This game took about 2 hours but me and Kev agreed would be much faster in the future as Kev was unsure what he was doing

    2. Bring a basic list on the 23rd and if we have time we will get a quick game in