Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dwarf battle standard bearer

After years of this model sitting in a box I've finally gotten him painted!

How the west was won

Continuing the wild west theme this week is some civilians from black scorpion.

These are the first resin miniatures from this manufacturer that I've painted. All my other models are the older metal ones. Having an inherent dislike for resin I've been presently surprised at the quality of these. Unlike other resin miniatures, such as finecast, these models had no air bubbles and were reasonably robust. They were also free of useless embellishments (skulls anyone) which meant a pretty quick painting time.

I didn't spend a huge amount of time (maybe 3 hours total) on these models as they are backdrop rather than gaming figures. But they turned out nice all the same

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Lovely Ladies from louisiana

Finally got my cowgirl posse painted up for Warhammer Old West. All of the models are Black Scorpion. While they are slightly larger than other Old West minis they are lovely. Especially the lovely ladies! They will be pitted against my Lawmen and Panzermonkey's Mexicans and Commanches. Sorry about the picture quality. The light was terrible!

A gaming mat far far away....

The other week Pixelartprinting had a 20% sale on their banners so I decided to splash out on a new gaming mat. 

During sale time this meant that for 17.99euro I got a 180cm x 120cm 500gsm pvc banner printed with a picture of my choosing. I simply googled an image and adjusted it to the correct size in photoshop. This price included delivery to Ireland by TNT in a cardboard tube. Not too shabby if I must say so. Here is a picture of the mat.

As you can see the image quality is lovely. The picture was taken as it came straight out of the tube and those lines have come out since I rolled it a different way. Bear in mind that this cost under 20euro with delivery. The standard price for this is only 23.74 with VAT. You get the cheaper price by waiting a week for delivery and smaller mats, such as 90cm x 90cm for X-wing are even cheaper. I've shown it to various people and everyone agrees that for the price its an amazing gaming mat. It's going to get used from now on for Star Wars Armada, Epic scale X-wing games and may even see the BFG Imperial Fleet getting dusted off!

28mm European Church

After seeing the 4 part post over at Shed Wars I felt inspired to embark on a similar, if smaller scale, project of my own. I haven't bought MDF scenery before and wanted something small to get stuck in to. Rather than going for the large awe inspiring petite properties church I decided to go for something that wouldn't quite overpower our gaming table. 

After searching the net I found a nice little MDF church on ebay for the paltry sum of 15 pounds, a bit cheaper than the 50 pound monstrosity over at PP. That's not to say the large church isn't a lovely model, it's amazing. The smaller one is much more affordable and manageable as a starting project at  10" long and 4 1/2" wide, excluding the doorway. Plenty big enough for small-medium sized table games and could easily be used to represent a Saxon or Norman church, or even be used up to WW2.