Sunday, 25 January 2015

Painting challenge 2015 Part I

I'm terrible for getting models painted. I'd consider myself an above average painter. Not brilliant but decent enough. The main problem is my interest often bounces from one system to the next and I rarely finish painting one army before moving on. Like many gamers I own a large number of half painted armies, including the WHFB dwarfs I originally started 8-10 years ago. I find these days that working, having a 1 year old boy and a pregnant wife isn't helping my painting either! Last year I think I only painted about 20 models, and many of them were Space Marines for Skibbcon.

I've recently started getting bits and pieces done in the evening with the GW painting station on my lap and that seems to be helping, even if it is only a small amount done every night.

This year my goal is to get back to these armies and finish them off before I start any major new projects. First off I'm taking some advice I saw online about the best way to finish painting all your models. Stop buying new ones! Therefore this year I've a self enforced buying embargo in place. Will have to see how long that lasts though :-)

I think to see this through, with huge amounts of dwarf and orc and goblin miniatures to be done, I'm going to have to get the main infantry dipped and then concentrate on more detail for character models.

As we are planning to start playing Hail Caesar fantasy (hail Caesar using fantasy army lists) it's the turn of the dwarfs to get painted first. I'll concentrate on getting one division painted at a time. I may even go over some of the early Dwarf models I painted, back when I took up wargaming again after a 15 year break, and give them a coat of dip to add some shading!

The aim for 2015 is to get 200+ points of models painted with the scoring worked out as follows

Infantry 1pt
Medium sized model/scenery 2pts
Large model/ scenery 3pts
Very large model/scenery 5pts
Finishing previous year models 1/2pts
Retouching older models 1/4pts

So far this month I've gotten 40 dwarfs painted, although these were all half painted previously so only half points!

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