Thursday, 15 January 2015

A nerdy gaming weekend at JustJohns

So JustJohn had a few people over for the weekend in his purpose built mancave. In attendance was myself, MrSaturday, Cheetor, The Otto Von Bismark and Craig, who has just moved back to Limerick and I'm unsure if he has a blog... Sorry Craig.

A few games were sampled including Man O'War, Bolt Action, Pulp Alley and a number of boardgames. Most of the games this weekend were to introduce new people to systems already played by others and good fun was had by all!

Unfortunately Inquisitor Thrawn and his retinue suffered from a malign curse and fared rather badly in the Pulp Alley game, pretty much getting wounded in every combat they participated and never passing a single health or recover check. Arbitrator Callaghan and Commissar Holt (both ally characters) even lost their lives trying to climb a wall into the ruined temple. Assassin 46, usually a terror in Pulp Alley game, came a cropper as he tried to snipe opponents from cover. Shocking! Below is a series of photographs from the Pulp Alley game.

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  1. I somehow missed this until now, but its nice to get a reminder of the game a couple of months later anyway, thanks for sharing :)