Tuesday, 10 February 2015

warlord games ruined hamlet

In the previous post I briefly mentioned putting together bolt action scenery and posted some pictures up of the hamlet and church. 

These, along with the fantasy temple and tower, were ridiculously easy to paint. I picked up some grey car spray cans in dealz for €1.49 each, sprayed the buildings and dry brushed them a lighter colour. Then I painted quick shade dark tone over the entire thing, left them to dry for a few days and then sprayed them with a matt varnish. Simples!

All of the pieces were based on 1ft square MDF boards I had cut in B&Q. 8x4 boards are fairly cheap and they have a free cutting service in there. The bases were sanded, painted with generic brown house paint and then flocked. You can buy testers cheap enough in any paint supplier. This is a much more economical technique than painting large scenery pieces using GW paints as their guides would have you do.

Using this method of painting meant that I could get a large amount of scenery done fairly quickly and it looks decent on the table too. Much better than it sitting in boxes for years!

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