Monday, 9 February 2015

A Scenery bender

Last year I decided that all the things in my shed needed putting together. I figured if I don't have time to paint everything then the best thing to do was get it put together and on the table. At least that way I get to use it, painted or not. All my fantasy figures, hundreds of orcs, goblins and dwarfs got assembled, along with dozens of Space Marines and Tau. I also got stuck in to a load of scenery I had lying around the place. 

There was a temple and tower, both plaster kits I bought from ebay years ago (pictures to follow), along with a good few pieces of terrain for Bolt action (The Waffen SS are assembled but as yet unpainted!), the hovel set and a plastic church. I also built a modular 4ft x 4ft island for pulp alley, which also doubles as a huge hill for battles on a 6x4 table. This turned out ok. It looks nice but I forgot to take into account the bendiness of a stanley blade at full extension so there's some fairly visible lines that need hiding with scenery. Still... it fits together at least! Lastly there was the fort I started, using tips from the old generals compendium. This is still a work in progress though!

Here is a few pics of what I put together. I'm going to follow up at a later date with posts on how to build the island (and what not to do), and a step by step tutorial for the fort. I also purchased some fairly nice roads from Small Terrain on ebay, and at a little more than 11GBP for over 4ft of roads they are fairly cheap. I bought 2 packs to give our gaming groups all we would likely ever need. 


  1. Nice scenery - so when are we going to get to use the Bolt Action stuff? :)

    1. Hopefully some time soon. Just after you have your Russian houses together and ready to use!