Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Sacred Mole of Ukkert

Following on from thoughts myself and Just John had about using Dragon Rampant for skirmish we decided to organize a game. Rather than full skirmish we decided on the heroic approach. A small band of dwarf heroes (with each model representing 6 strength points) vs an entire Orc raiding warband. Heroic stuff in the Fantasy Age!

King Thorgrimm Ranulfsson has lead a mission to investigate a hold not hear from in recent months. upon arrival they find their dwarfen kin slaughtered and the hold ransacked and occupied by greenskins. Thorgrimm leads his small band of dwarfs in to the hold to recover heirlooms they know will still be sealed in the secret vault. They fight their way in and out, killing anything in their way, and bring out the lost treasure to take home. As they gain the surface they see a large orc warband arrayed before them. Obviously some sneaky goblin went for help! Shouldering their weapons they prepare to fight their way out!

This was a 30pt game with only 24pts allowed to be spent on units. The remaining 6pts had to be upgrades.

 The Dwarven heroes venture in to the mine.

 As they emerge victorious they see a large orc warband arrayed before them.

 Thorgrimm mounts his mighty warbear valdemar and prepares to fight.

The dwarfs move forward, protecting Ulf, who carries the ancient treasure.

 As the orcs move to encircle them the dwarfs break to the right. The dwarf magic fizzles as they attempt to hurl damaging runes at the orc beserkers.

Bjorn and Gunnr face off against the giant.

 Inflicting 2 wounds and battering it!

 On the far side Olav turns his repeater crossbow on the beserkers, battering them too!
Arne and Ivar try to protect Ulf but are driven back as they trade even blows with the mighty giant.

In the following turn the beserkers rally but then the orcs seem to mill about in disarray (Warren failed his activations). Hakon and Vidar hurl runes of confusion at them, battering them.

They fail their rally test and one flees the field.

Thorgrimm, astride Valdemar, faces down the orc horde.

As crows circle above, waiting for easy pickings.

Hakon and Vikar remain at the rear of the field hurling rune magics. They trace a rune in the air and Thorgrimms axe begins to glow.

Bjorn and Gunnr attempt to push forwards, clearing the way for Ulf, but are pushed back.

Arne and Ivar attempt the same.

And manage to push back the orcs.

Gleaming axe in hand Thorgrimm charges the still confused orcs.

killing three and driving them back.

Olav brings the repeater crossbow to bear on the shielded orcs, killing one and battering the unit

The orc unit wavers and begins to flee. It looks like the way is open for the dwarfs!

Thorgrimm pushes forward through the orc centre, keeping the pressure on the beserkers.

 And routs them from the field.

Hakon and Vidar manage to weave runes of confusion on the Orc warboss, battering his unit.

Ulf makes a break for it but ventures too close to the orc archers. He pays for his mistake with his life.

In revenge Thorgrimm charges the archers. 

 And manages to push them back, but is wounded in the process.

 The giant, having rallied and caught up, charges Bjorn and Gunnr in the rear.
He stomps Gunnr underfoot and pushes Bjorn back towards the orc boss, who has ignored Thorgrimm to get the treasure. Bjorn reels in panic.
Thorgrimm again charges the orcs and somehow manages to rout them (well...through really lucky rolls on my part!)

The giant is felled but at the loss of Bjorn and Arne and Ivar. The orc warboss moves to collect the 'shiny'. Hakon and Ivar hurl destructive runes at the orcs in an attempt to weaken them and Olav attempts to bring his lethal crossbow to bear.

As Thorgrimm and Valdemar burst from the undergrowth they are assaulted by the orc warboss, who is taking punishing fire from Olav and the spellcasters.
Thorgrimm is pushed back, sorely wounded (Thorgrimm was now down to 1 strength point).

In desperation Hakon and Vidar trace runes of healing in the sky. As Thorgrimms wounds knit closed he charges forwards, cutting down the orc boss! 

Exhausted, the remaining dwarfs pick up their treasure and exit the field, leaving a trail of bodies behind them.

Yet again this was a Dragon Rampant battle that seemed to pivot at key moments. When the orc spearmen fled it seemed the dwarfs had won the field easily, but a mistake from Olaf saw the treasure dropped on the field with his death. 

The giant, who just would not die, caught Bjorn and Gunnr on the wrong foot and a failed activation saw them charged twice in succession. A combination of archer fire and melee also saw Arne and Ivar cut down. However crossbow fire and rune magic made short work of the giant last remaining wounds and the orcs, although they had the treasure, were now trapped in the middle between two ranged units and Thorgrimm, who was having some lucky dice rolls. He managed to completely rout the beserkers and archers, while also finishing off the orc boss.

The unit of the game for the dwarfs had to be Hakon and Vidar. They only failed a couple of spell activations and managed to keep units battered and effectively out of the game. They also provided a much needed offense boost to Thorgrimm when he needed it with Sharper Blades! They worked well as a support unit at the back, but they were also a heavy infantry unit ready to get stuck in with the orc boss, should he kill Thorgrimm and try to get the treasure back in to his lair.

For the orcs the unit of the game was the giant. This just would not die. Despite being pushed back and wounded at the start of the game it caught up and turned the tide. Even at half strength it killed Bjorn and Gunnr and routed Arne and Ivar, having taken the high ground and threatening the ancient heirloom.

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