Monday, 21 September 2015

A gaming mat far far away....

The other week Pixelartprinting had a 20% sale on their banners so I decided to splash out on a new gaming mat. 

During sale time this meant that for 17.99euro I got a 180cm x 120cm 500gsm pvc banner printed with a picture of my choosing. I simply googled an image and adjusted it to the correct size in photoshop. This price included delivery to Ireland by TNT in a cardboard tube. Not too shabby if I must say so. Here is a picture of the mat.

As you can see the image quality is lovely. The picture was taken as it came straight out of the tube and those lines have come out since I rolled it a different way. Bear in mind that this cost under 20euro with delivery. The standard price for this is only 23.74 with VAT. You get the cheaper price by waiting a week for delivery and smaller mats, such as 90cm x 90cm for X-wing are even cheaper. I've shown it to various people and everyone agrees that for the price its an amazing gaming mat. It's going to get used from now on for Star Wars Armada, Epic scale X-wing games and may even see the BFG Imperial Fleet getting dusted off!

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